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New NCAASE Feature

NCAASE is launching a new series of information sheets entitled "Did You Know?" or DYK. Check out our third DYK: DYK #3: Growth and gaps in mathematics achievement of students with and without disabilities on a statewide achievement test

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Opportunity to Learn (OTL)

Measuring Opportunity to Learn and Achievement Growth: Key Research Issues With Implications for the Effective Education of All Students

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Portrayals of the Special Education Achievement Gap

Cross sectional and longitudinal portrayals of the special education mathematics achievement gap

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Once, Sometimes, or Always in Special Education

The present way of identifying SWD in reporting achievement outcomes may be biased and that even students who exit special education continue to be at risk for lower mathematics achievement.

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Growth and Gaps in Mathematics Achievement

Sizeable achievement gaps that were relatively stable over grades were observed between students without disabilities and students in specific exceptionality categories.

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Alternate Assessments Reading Growth

The examination of achievement growth using two growth models: a transition matrix and a multilevel linear growth model.

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National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education

The purpose of the NCAASE (The Center) is to develop and test various approaches for measuring the achievement growth of students with and without disabilities.

The Center’s focused program of research on reading and mathematics achievement growth is based on existing sets of longitudinal achievement data for students with and without disabilities from North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

To help examine the accountability purposes for which states are using their assessment data, NCAASE partners with measurement and statistics experts, assessment and special education leaders in academia and in state departments of education, lead psychometricians, and a National Advisory Panel.

New and Upcoming at NCAASE

NCAASE has developed a series of research summaries entitled "Did You Know?" These one-page documents are intended to provide brief reader-friendly summaries of recent work by Center researchers.

We've just added our third DYK, Growth and gaps in mathematics achievement of students with
and without disabilities on a statewide achievement test
. We will be periodically releasing additional DYKs over the next few months.

Check back soon as we regulary add to our DYK collection.

Did You Know?